God’s Work – Our Hands

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s (ELCA) GOD’s WORK, OUR HANDS Day was Sunday, September 10, 2017. The project of the Bethesda Lutheran Church of Malmo, (Isle) MN, was again picking up Carlsona’s Beach to Reddy Creek on the North side of Lake Mille Lacs, Hwy 18 Mile Marker 34. The “pickers” were (Back Row L to R) Barbara Macioch, Cheryl & Dean Malotky, Dave Stueven, (Front Row L to R) Dianne Jones, Joanne Stueven, Sue Samuelson.

It was a beautiful autumn day. The group spread out and 6 bags were picked up

Treasures of the day. God’s Work – Our Hands

. Findings of interest were a Baggie containing a tin of Copenhagen and a packet of Listerine; fish remains, many wrappers/cigarette butts/filters, a few broken glass shards, three disposable baby diapers, two fishing treasures and one Monarch Butterfly caterpillar, which was brought home to care for.

Carlsona Beach – Sept. 10, 2017

Also sharing the beach were the wind surfers who said they had picked up the area the day before and took their gatherings home to dispose of. They were curious about our little group and we explained we were members of Bethesda Lutheran Church in Malmo and this was our project of the ELCA’s God’s Work, Our Hands Day. We both thanked each other for our efforts in caring for the lake. They were hoping for more wind!

Photos by Mike and Barbara Macioch.
Submitted by Barbara and Michael Macioch, Residents on Lake Mille Lacs