Our staff

Interim Pastor Terry Frovik  – retired pastor with over 40 years of pastoral ministry.

Secretaries: Mary Braun and Jenny Schuett

Custodian: Judy Wuorio

Music Specialist & Sound Technician: Jim Christensen

Church Council

President: Randy Tofteland
Vice President: Tom Christensen
Secretary: Judie Birk
Treasurer: Mary Braun

Council Members:
Lee Forrester,  Craig Kulberg, Melody Lackner, Ron Mehlhop

COMMITTEES                                    COUNCIL REP
Mission, Evangelism,
Youth and Family                                  Judie Birk

Faith, Health and Wellness                 Melody Lackner

Property                                                   Lee Forrester

Stewardship and Finance                     Mary Braun

Worship and Music                               Tom Christensen

Personnel                                                 Ron Mehlhop

Strategic Planning                                  Craig Kullberg

WELCA                                                     Sandy Pullen