You will find a lot of information about our community on this site. We are a community that is open to all people. Regardless of what you look like, how much money you make, how educated you are, whom you love, or what kind of past you have lived, you are welcome here. We gather in all our strengths and weaknesses, our successes and failures, knowing that through God’s nurturing love, all can find acceptance, forgiveness, growth, and transformation. Having experienced God’s forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation, we continue to share God’s grace with everyone.

What to Expect

Checking out a new church can certainly be nerve racking. We understand that in an effort to make you as comfortable as we can before you visit, we thought we would share a few things about visiting Bethesda Lutheran Church:

Bethesda Lutheran Church welcomes everyone with open arms, hearts and souls. We will have people that will greet you and welcome you as soon as you come through the door. Let them know you’re a new visitor and they will help you get settled and answer any questions. Pastor Terry and other members may approach you and introduce themselves to you too. Bethesda is a close community of souls that are always looking to talk with our guests. Any opportunity we get to share God’s Word, we take it.

You are also invited to sign our guest book located just to the right of the entrance. The guest book is a fun way for us to see the various places people visit us from and reach out to you.